About Me

Born in New Zealand, I moved to Australia when I was seven. After a short stint in Victoria I moved to Whyalla in SA where I went to Fisk Street Primary School and Stuart High School.

At age 16 I left Whyalla to join the Navy where I completed schooling, trained as an electronic technician and volunteered for submarine service. I served on Oberon Class submarines before being selected and posted to Osborne as a member of the trials crew for the first Collins class submarine.

I left the Navy in 1994 and worked for an Australian sonar design and development company as a trainer, then project manager, business development manager and head of research and development.

In 2007 I left the comfort and security of full time employment to form my own company. I built a successful domestic and international business in sonar and acoustics training and project management related consulting. I also wrote extensively for professional Defence magazines.

I joined Centre Alliance (formerly the Nick Xenophon Team) as Nick's senior advisor at the start of 2016. I was asked to fill the casual vacancy that resulted when he resigned from Senate in October 2017.

I see myself as being part of the sensible centre of Australian politics.

I believe in equal opportunity for everyone, including the opportunity to live well and be prosperous. I believe in freedom of choice and expression and that people have a right to feel safe in their community.  

I am of the strong view that we should look after the community’s welfare with affordable child care, affordable and diverse education choices, modern health care and dependable aged care. 

I am a strong believer in accountable, effective, efficient and inclusive government.

With the support of my Senate colleague, Stirling Griff, I will use my position in the Senate to advocate and push for all of these things.