Centre Alliance Condemns Police Raid on Journalist

4 June 2019

Centre Alliance has today condemned the Australian Federal Police raid on the home of News Corporation journalist Annika Smethurst.

"This is heavy-handed effort to browbeat the media from engaging in public interest journalism on national security issues," Senator Rex Patrick said.  

"Ms Smethurst’s journalism exposed important aspects of Government plans to extend surveillance powers for national security agencies. That reporting informed parliamentary and public debate and is to be commended."

"The AFP’s execution of a search warrant on Ms Smethurst’s Canberra home, but not her office in the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery, more than a year after the original publication, reeks of intimidation and retribution."

"Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo clearly hate media scrutiny. The actions of the Federal Police are very clearly intended to have a chilling effect on journalistic inquiry." 

"The AFP, Home Affairs and Coalition Government Ministers can expect some hard questions in the Senate when the Parliament reconvenes." 

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