Government must come clean on latest raid

4 September 2019

Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick today expressed serious concern about the Australian Federal Police’s latest raid, this time at the home of a former senior government adviser.

"This very much looks like another step in a government campaign of intimidation – first against the media and now to inspire fear amongst public servants and political staffers in Canberra," Senator Patrick said. 

"Given the recent controversy about Federal Police raids on journalists and media organisations, the AFP needs to stand up and immediately publicly clarify the purpose of today’s raid." 

"The AFP have said that the raid ‘does not relate to any current or impending threat to the Australian community’. They can do much better than that to explain their latest actions."

"At the same time Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and Home Affairs Department Secretary Mike Pezzullo need to stand up and reveal just what their involvement has been in setting the Federal Police on a course of action to strike fear into journalists and public servants alike."

"It is difficult to see the Coalition Government’s proclaimed commitment to press freedom as anything other than self-serving cant."

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