New Government Gas Measures Welcomed

6 August 2019

Centre Alliance has welcomed the Government’s announcement of a range of measures to reduce gas prices for both Australians and Australian businesses. Lower gas prices will have positive economy-wide effects and will also see electricity prices fall.

"The measures announced today will have both short and long term effects, with some targeting existing gas production projects and some targeting future supply projects," said Centre Alliances Energy spokesperson, Senator Rex Patrick.

The announced measures are the result of discussions held between Centre Alliance and the government in the wake of the election. Centre Alliance was concerned about the effect that high electricity prices were having on South Australians and the effect of high gas prices on manufacturers. "We took our concerns to the Government and they have listened," said Senator Patrick.

South Australians are paying the highest price for electricity in the nation. 51 per cent of South Australia’s electricity is generated from gas. Gas sets the electricity price in SA.

"Today’s announcement is great news for South Australians," said Senator Stirling Griff. "It is a win for Victorians and Tasmanians too, as their electricity prices are also set by the price of gas."

"The measures also represent a win for manufacturers. A number of energy intensive business have closed down over the past 12 months. Lower gas prices will arrest closures and recommence stalled investment in industries with high gas dependency," said Senator Patrick.

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