Documents: Water - Order for the Production of Documents

14 November 2019

Senator Patrick: 

I move:

(1) That the Senate notes that the ABC Four Corners story, Cash Splash, aired allegations of mismanagement of funds under the Commonwealth's water savings efficiency program, including:

(a) the construction of new dams on greenfield sites under a program intended to save water by upgrading existing irrigation developments; and

(b) water holders purchasing water in different valleys, and passing these onto the Department of Agriculture as a water saving from an infrastructure upgrade.

(2) That the Senate has, flowing from its oversight responsibilities, an obligation to examine allegations raised in respect of the proper and efficient expenditure of taxpayers' money.

(3) That there be laid on the table by the Minister representing the Minister for Water Resources, Drought, Rural Finance, Natural Disaster and Emergency Management, by no later than midday on 26 November 2019:

(a) all correspondence, assessments, technical assessments, reports and audits relating to the Commonwealth purchase of water relating to the following New South Wales (NSW) water access licences: 9628, 23848, 37739, 37738, 15026, 4605, 41568, 7559, 5266, 4529, 5541, 5310, 14803, 9315, 7446, 88123, 8314, 7721, 8676, 37222, 15364, 37379, 16354, 3607 and 11236;

(b) any other purchase through a water efficiency project in NSW, where the total price paid is in excess of $1 million; and

(c) any other purchase through a water efficiency project in NSW, where the project was located in a different valley to the water recovered.

Question agreed to.

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